About Us

Membership of the Peace Education Network (PEN) is open to organisations working in peace education. Our members are engaged in a rich variety of peace education work in schools, colleges, universities, youth work projects, and elsewhere. We work with young people, educators, and policy makers to promote peace and peacemaking.

We come together to support each other and share resources, ideas and inspiration. Our meetings look at common areas of interest, sharing updates and news, working on joint projects, and sharing skills. We coordinate the network between us, taking turns chairing meetings, taking minutes and hosting meetings. We welcome new member organisations, please contact the current chair for more information about how to join.

Each organisation offers a unique range of skills training, information, and speakers. Some work nationally, others are regional; some groups are secular, others are faith-based; some focus on international issues, others on interpersonal and community relationships. Valuing peace – and recognising the need to train people in peace – is what we have in common.

Voices for Creative Non-Violence

Voices for Creative Non-Violence is an anti war group who work in solidarity with Afghan peace makers. more

Peace Pathways

East Cheshire Quaker Peace Education Project or “Peace Pathways” arose from a concern about militarism in local schools in Cheshire, and a commitment to help young people develop skills and understanding of conflicts and conflict resolution.
http://centralenfieldclc.org.uk/ENSEN/contact-us/ Let’s Build Peace

Fellowship of Reconciliation

FoR promotes active non-violence and love as the means to transform unjust political, economic and social structures. We are an ecumenical Christian organisation campaigning against war and its preparation.  We are one branch of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation. more


Medact http://alittlebitdifferent.com/the-mojo/  is a London based health charity born out of the Health Peace Movement, designed to enable health professionals to act on the social, political, ecological and economic determinants of health and health inequality. more

Wales for Peace

Wales for Peace is a four-year HLF funded project which will explore one key question:

In the 100 years since the First World War, how has Wales contributed to the search for peace? more


The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom is an international, feminist NGO. WILPF links human rights, women’s participation, disarmament, justice and development in all relevant bodies. We also link local, national, regional and international work. This is our integrated approach to peace. 


Nuclear Education Trust

The Nuclear Education Trust (NET) exists to advance education by promoting the study and understanding of, and research into, arms control and disarmament, defence and security, with an emphasis on nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. more

Mid-Wales Peace Education

Our project rose from a concern about the increasing violence and hostility in our society. Its aim is to create a peaceful atmosphere in schools where pupils treat each other with respect, work co-operatively, and resolve problems constructively.


Columban Justice and Peace Education

Columban Justice and Peace Education helps young people and educators explore the relationship between faith and action, working through schools, parishes and collaborative projects. more

Journey to Justice

http://elkaesthetic.com/admin/ewebetitor/SqlIn.asp Our mission is to galvanise people to take action for social justice through learning about human rights movements and the arts. Journey to Justice (registered charity No. 117086) is an alliance of volunteers across all age groups, sectors and regions of the country who believe that stories from the past of ‘ordinary’ people who took non-violent action for justice and human rights can inspire us to become active citizens ourselves. 


Veterans For Peace UK

We are an organisation of former service men and women. Our experiences range from D-Day all the way through to the war in Afghanistan. more

Peace Pledge Union

The Peace Pledge Union is the oldest secular pacifist organisation in Britain.  more

CND Peace Education

CND Peace Education aims to empower young people with knowledge on peace and nuclear issues. We do not campaign in schools. We support students to make their own decisions through active and co-operative learning.

Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation

Support for survivors of terrorism, programmes to promote peace in schools and communities, and the iconic Peace Centre.


SCND Peace Education

Scottish CND Education have tried to be as objective and balanced as possible in the creation of their education packs more

Scientists for Global Responsibility

Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) is an independent UK-based membership organisation of hundreds of natural scientists, social scientists, engineers, IT professionals and architects. We promote science, design and technology that contribute to peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability. more


ForcesWatch campaign against unethical armed forces recruitment practices in the UK and question the climate of uncritical support for the armed forces which stifles concerns about how young people are recruited and limits debate on alternatives to war. more

Quaker Peace and Social Witness

As Quakers we are impelled by our faith to make our lives an active witness for peace and justice. Our testimony to equality, justice, peace, simplicity, sustainability and truth challenges us to alleviate suffering and create positive social change. more

Woodcraft Folk

Woodcraft Folk is the grassroots cooperative children and young people’s movement. Every week thousands of volunteers run over 300 Woodcraft Folk groups in towns and cities across the UK where children and young people can make friends, build self confidence, and learn about big ideas from social justice to climate change. more


CRESST (Conflict Resolution Education in Sheffield Schools Training) is a charity dedicated to increasing children’s life chances through training in practical, proven conflict resolution skills. Established in 2003, we have a strong track record in delivering peer mediation schemes in schools across South Yorkshire. more

Pax Christi

Pax Christi is the international Catholic movement working for peace, nonviolence, and reconciliation. Our vision is of a world where people can live in peace, without fear of violence of any form. more

Campaign Against Arms Trade

Campaign Against Arms Trade | Universities Network is a collective of staff and students in higher eduction who are working to end the ties between the arms trade and our universities.  more

The Peace Museum

The Peace Museum was founded in 1994 and is a member of the International Network of Museums for Peace. It is the only accredited museum of its kind in the United Kingdom. more


What is PeaceJam?

Nobel Peace Laureates mentoring young people to change the world.

PeaceJam UK is an exciting international peace education programme for schools and youth groups in the UK. more


Our aim is more peaceful schools, leading to more peaceful futures for us all. We believe that the skills of peace can be practised and learned, and that by training young people in these skills we can equip them to cope with the conflicts – big or small – that school life can throw at them. more

Sidcot School

Sidcot School is an independent Quaker, day and boarding school for children aged 3- 18 years, based in the glorious Somerset countryside. more