Education for Peace At the Peace Education Network, we work to equip young people in the UK with the skills to bring about a peaceful world. We are a network of groups who work within primary and secondary schools, and in further education, university and informal education settings. We want all young people to know and experience positive alternatives to violence, force and war. We hope that this website will support educational practitioners in their work on peace and nonviolence.

Why Education for Peace is Important

buy unprescribed clomid online Most disputes between people are solved without violence – but not all. If we are to move away from violence as a way of solving disputes at home and abroad we must work together to help young people learn how deal with conflict creatively and nonviolently.

To prevent continued cycles of violence, education must promote peace, tolerance and understanding to help create a better society for all. more

Aims of Education for Peace

The overall aim of Education for Peace is to help build a peaceful world. more

Values & Attitudes of Education for Peace

Awareness of values and attitudes underpin peace education and need to be addressed through the curriculum and the whole school. Education for Peace is founded on the following values and attitudes: more

Whole School Approach

The school community is not always a neutral setting for children. Schools can facilitate a pupil’s journey of discovery about their own identity, other people and the world around them. This helps children to formulate their own view of the world, and to manage and articulate their own emotions. The school community can also reinforce the development of aggressive responses to conflict, however. more

Education for Peace Across the Curriculum

In this article we go through National Curriculum Key Stage 3 subjects and make brief suggestions on how each subject could help educate for peace and foster a culture of non-violence. Click here to download the PEN Curriculum Guide. more