Mid-Wales Peace Education

Our project rose from a concern about the increasing violence and hostility in our society. Its aim is to create a peaceful atmosphere in schools where pupils treat each other with respect, work co-operatively, and resolve problems constructively.

We start with establishing ground rules – listening, respecting, sharing, confidentiality etc and then begin very basic conflict resolution work, starting with the individual and working outwards – feeling OK about ourselves, handling our own anger, being aware of how overlapping and complex are our ‘in-groups’ and ‘out-groups’; then handling bullying and other people’s anger and aggression; awareness of different perceptions of situations, the challenges of decision- making; and progressing to the potential in co-operation and a more pro-active mediation. Much of the work is done with circle time, plus some work in small groups. We use a mixture of talking, sharing, exercises and games. We use quiet periods and mindful breathing to give pupils the skills to handle their own stresses, and stories to focus attention on particular issues. We work in pairs, and with the form staff present and engaged with the programme.

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