Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation

Support for survivors of terrorism, programmes to promote peace in schools and communities, and the iconic Peace Centre.

Steeped in practice with over 20 years of experience in peacebuilding – it is our work with individuals, groups, and communities that keeps us learning and continues to make that all important difference.

Our programme, ‘For Peace’, consists of a portfolio of projects, resources, and services. Our work has three core components: prevention, resolution, and response. In prevention we seek to stop violence before it starts, however when conflict does arise, we seek resolution through dialogue and actions to deal with issues without recourse to violence, and when violent conflict has already occurred, we are there to respond, to help those affected to cope and recover and, in many cases, to become active peacebuilders and agents for change themselves. Our aim is to break the cycle of violence so our projects overlap and intersect, allowing our participants to learn from one another and play their role in achieving this.