Teach Peace: Second Edition

Building on the remarkable success of the first edition, the Peace Education Network are delighted to present the second edition of Teach Peace.

In Teach Peace you will find ten assemblies, follow-up activities, resources, prayers, and reflections on peace and peacemaking for 5-12 year olds.

Whether we are Remembering for Peace [11 November], flying a kite for Nao Roz [21 March], or reflecting on the witness of Austrian peacemaker Franz Jägerstätter [21 May] the school year is full of opportunities to use this pack. Teach Peace will help ensure peace is a key theme in our children’s education and help you to celebrate peace and peacemakers in your school.

The entire resource is free to download below. Hard copies of Teach Peace are available from the Peace Education Network for £5. Contact us

Fersiwn Cymraeg


Full Teach Peace Pack (pdf)

Individual Assemblies
Remembering for peace (pdf)
Slideshow: Remembering for peace (pptx)

Nonviolence in action: Mama Zepreta’s house (pdf)
Slideshow: Nonviolence in action (pptx)

We all live under the same blue sky (pdf)
Slideshow: We all live under the same blue sky (pptx)

What is peace? (pdf)
Slideshow: What is peace? (ppt)

Think before you act: the legend of Beddgelert (pdf)

Conflict resolution: A tale of two mules (pdf)
Mule Mask (pdf – prints best on A3)

The Christmas Truce (pdf)

The importance of disobedience (pdf)

Barriers to peace (pdf)
Slideshow: Barriers to peace (ppt)

Sadako and the thousand cranes (pdf)

Other Documents
Foreward (by Don Rowe) (pdf)

Introduction – Creating a more peaceful school – Next Steps (pdf)

Peace calendar (pdf)

Prayers and reflections about peace (pdf)

Elizabeth Fry: The Angel of Prisons was an assembly in the original Teach Peace Pack (2012). The script is available here:

Elizabeth Fry: The Angel of Prisons (pdf)

Please note that other resources for the first edition of Teach Peace (the version with the pastel colour scheme) are no longer available. Please download the latest edition [above].